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Bra Hacks to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

While most women find various ways to enhance their facial features, their hairstyles, and their wardrobes, other women are looking at hacks to make their breasts appear larger. Whether you want to enhance them through a new bra, or through other bra hacks and methods, this list might be of some interest to you.

  1. Use bra strap cushions.

– According to an article found on Bustle, bra strap cushions make all the difference if you bra straps are digging into your shoulders. You can use silicone bra strap cushions, so that nobody knows you’re wearing them. Luckily, bra strap cushions are very inexpensive!

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  1. Hang up your bras.

– By simply hanging all of your bras onto a single hanger in the closet, you’re preventing the underwire from bending. This simple way helps tremendously to prolong the life of your underwire bras!

  1. Use pads for underwire poking out to prevent being poked.

– This bra hack is amazing. If you have an underwire bra, chances are you know how much it hurts to get poked by the underwire. They all poke out from underneath the bra cups eventually, and if you aren’t familiar with a sewing machine, you’ll probably have to buy a new one. But what if you can’t? Bras are expensive. If you don’t have the money to buy a new bra, use a maxi pad to cover up the underwire that keeps popping out. It’ll prevent it from stabbing you in the breasts, or anywhere on your body for that matter. You will save yourself so much pain by taking advantage of this.

  1. Use makeup to contour your breasts.

– This is one of the best hacks to make your breasts look bigger, especially in pictures. It sounds weird, but once you see the results, it’ll make you want to go and buy shirts that are more “revealing.” Every girl loves to own shirts and tops that show off cleavage. If you’ve never been able to wear these kinds of shirts due to the size of your breasts, this might be your best bet. To learn how to contour, check out Cosmopolitan’s tips on contouring. The woman explaining how to do it looks as if she’s gone up by three whole bra cups sizes!

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  1. Stick with light colored bras.

– “Black is slimming” is the most popular phrase when trying to look thin. Many large women tend to wear darker clothing to make them appear slim. It’s the same with bras! If you wear bras that come in dark colors, they will ultimately look smaller. This information was not done through research. This information was using common sense. Most women don’t consider the color of their bra when they wish for their breasts to look bigger/smaller. The same rule of fashion applies, even under the clothing!


There you have the top bra hacks to make your breasts look bigger, but also, to help maintain the quality of your bras, which is equally important in the appearance of a larger chest. We hope you enjoyed this piece, and that you found it helpful!